Got questions? We have answers.

What does the name LéJúl mean?

This is a mystery that is up to you to solve. It’s an easy one but we won’t be giving away any hints.

Why do our hosting packages cost so little?

We have been in opposition to the existing prices of hosting packages for a long time. We think that they are far overpriced. Our prices are calculated honestly and to the tightest margin. We want you to pay only for services which you really need. Our main priority is that you can realise your ideas in a highly professional environment and we, in turn, offer you a downright inexpensive and transparent service.

How can we offer a reliable service at such affordable prices?

Our servers have a down-time that is no higher than 0.01 percent. The servers are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are personally maintained by a team of experts. These experts are there to ensure that the system is up and running at all times.

We believe in the loyalty of our customers and that our premium service at a sensible price will lead to the expansion of our market share. Our aim is simple: we provide a good service at a good price and the size of our market share will create all the capital that is necessary.

What can I do with my Essential Pack?

The Essential Pack allows you to instantly start your project without entering any costly risks and therefore starting your on-line business without any risks. Later, when your project has developed, you can also upgrade your package to what is necessary. More webspace, more domains, more e-mail accounts and databases. You start small and then see how it goes. You save on costs and stay on the safe side.

Are there any restrictions with the Essential Pack?

No, there are no limits! We support you and want to make it easy for you. You can be as large as you want. We are looking forward to seeing your project. When it is really developed, you can, of course, switch to the larger packet "Starter Pack".

Whom would we recommend the Starter Pack to?

We would recommend starting with the Starter Pack if you already have a concrete idea and know what you want. Maybe you want your website from another provider porting to us. 600MB is enough at first. Well then, let’s go for it! All our packages are modular. This means that when it becomes insufficient, you can order more resources for a few pennies.

Do I have to pay license fee for my software?

No. We mostly use open source software. You can use everything we offer from our control interface.

Is it possible that my website will be featured on a blog owned by LéJúl or other media?

You will not be featured anywhere without being asked. If we wanted to publish media from your website like screenshots of your page, images from your site, texts or anything similar, we will ask you first if it’s okay with you.

If other media providers make a general posting about LéJúl and include your website in any way we’ll contact you to ask if it’s okay. We can, however, not guarantee that the 3rd party media provider will take down information about your site if requested to do so.

If you have done something illegal and that has been posted, we might not be able to help you.