We do awesome stuff!

We are constantly developing our service.

Join us! You shall develop your web project to the best and most beautiful one in the world and together we can be proud!

Automatic Backups

We generate backups every 24 hours for all our customers. We will restore our customer's accounts per request to a date of which we have backups (we generate them every day at midnight).

1-Click-App Installation

No matter what CMS you want to use, we probably have it ready for you! All you need to do is click once and voilá! It will be instantly on your account, waiting for you to put new content on it!

Responsive & Retina

All of our services (Email client, control interface, FTP manager) can be used on all devices with all widths, all heights, all operating systems and from all browsers. It is also optimized to give maximal pleasure while using it.

Administrated System

All our servers are monitored 24/7 by a professional webmaster, who have over 5 years of experience of monitoring servers of our scale. We want everything to go smoothly for everybody.

It’s passion, not only work!

Each type of hosting service we provide is optimization ready and unique.

Brand & Identity

We are one of the youngest web hosting companies, which means, that our servers are not as much overcrowded as the ones from the older hosting companies. That as well means that we have more time to think about the logistics behind our services and not rethink them!

Web Development

We have created beautiful, user friendly and intuitive services like the control interface, billing interface, FTP-Client and are working on creating more interfaces. You can make suggestions and we will change things to satisfy our customers.

Reliable Hardware

Germany is known for it’s Logistics in Automobiles and Computers - and that’s why all of our servers are made in Germany - because of good hybrid hardware, green energy, friendly environment and staff of professionals who monitor our servers.

99.99% Uptime

The main thing in hosting business is staying on-line - 24/7. At least that’s what we think - and we use all of our resources, like multiple core servers, backup electricity generators and multiple ISP gateways to stay on-line forever and have no downtimes at all.

Email Archiving

We use custom interface to deliver emails to you. It is optimized for all device dimensions and syncs directly with our servers. Your mail space at LéJúl is limited to your account space. This means that you can expand your mail capacity at will.

Why chose us

  • Our prices are pretty low
  • We are one of the youngest hosting companies
  • We have custom made services. For everything
  • Our developers are mainly young. This means that we make our tools fancier
  • We are CO²-Neutral company using green energy

Development of LéJúl

The Idea

The idea of LéJúl was made when one of our youngest programmers, when he was not part of our company, was searching for a hosting service. He has found several “unlimited” capacity companies and has decided to order a basic “unlimited” hosting package. When he did, he was happy about it and decided to host his friend’s websites for free as well, after which he has exceeded his “unlimited” limits, which actually were 10GB, which was only mentioned in the rolls of Terms of Service of the hosting company.

After he started working with us he shared his experience with “unlimited” packages, after which we decided to make a hosting company, which was fully transparent with no hidden limits, costs or whatsoever and where everyone can set their own limits.